Blogging Services

Imagine this:  you’re a customer and you’re really excited about a new product or service.  You know of a particular company who would sell this product or service so you log onto the internet and head over to the company’s website.  You click on the company’s blog with great anticipation–you just KNOW you’re going to read all of the details about this new product or service that you’ve been dying to know! 

And then….BAM!  You see that the company hasn’t posted to their blog in months, even years. 

Now, if you’re REALLY wanting this information what are you, as a potential customer, going to do??

That’s right.  You’re going to look for a new company that has the information you’re seeking.

If you were the first company…you just lost a customer. 

To be effective, blogs need to be updated with fresh content on a regular basis.   They also need to be well written and targeted not only to your customers’ needs, but to appropriate keywords.

I will work with you to establish what topics you wish to blog about and then write and publish them on your behalf on an agreed-upon schedule.

Contact me today to discuss what blogging package might best suit your business needs.

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