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The “Why”: Find Your Client’s Motivation and Close The Deal

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It’s that little thing that pushes us to do things that we may or may not want to do.

It’s the “reason” or the “why” behind decisions we make in our lives.

Sometimes a person’s motivation is clear–i.e., he goes to work because he has to pay rent.

But sometimes…well, sometimes you have to do some digging to identify the “why.”

My friend recently gave me this advice in dealing with a very strong-willed, temper tantrum-prone toddler:

“Find her motivation.”

In other words, why should she listen to me instead of just throwing an epic tantrum right in the middle of the restaurant?  What’s in it for her to change her behavior?

So I observed.  I thought long and hard.  And I found it.  And when I found it, her tantrums came to an immediate halt.

My point in sharing this?

If you want to influence your client or customer to do business with you (versus with a competitor) you need to identify the “why.”

WHY would your client or customer be glad he chose you?  What will he get out of it that he wouldn’t get elsewhere?  Show him how he wins.

Find his motivation…



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