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What Is A Copywriter?

“A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter.” ~ Judith Charles

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My teenage daughter recently declared that she just doesn’t understand why anyone would ever hire me.  “I mean, come on mom,” she said with her eyes rolling back in her head, “everyone has spell-check nowadays!”

[Insert stunned silence followed by hysterical laughter here.]

When I regained my senses, I attempted to explain to her that a copywriter is NOT a spell-checker.  Nor is a copywriter a grammar checker.  Or a typist.  Or an MLA format specialist.  Or anything else that she clearly had in her head.

Now, truthfully, a copywriter IS  some form of all of those things.  After all, a copywriter wouldn’t send written work to a client that was full of spelling errors, bad grammar, and nonsensical formatting.  But those are merely details of the product–not the product itself.  The product itself is what a copywriter creates.

So what exactly IS a copywriter?

Well, as the quote from Judith Charles (above) mentions, a copywriter is a salesperson.   However, instead of selling a product or service to the customer face-to-face, the copywriter uses the “written” word.   And he or she does so to sell someone else’s product or service.

[Now that I’m really thinking about it, I’d even say that copywriting is the Spanx of the advertising industry:  it holds everything together nice and tight so that the whole package looks good on the outside!  :)]

And while there is definitely some spell-checking going on in the process, being a copywriter–a GOOD copywriter–entails a whole lot more than that.

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